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In Mora Packaging we understand the most specific and individualized packaging needs of the household items sector. We understand the importance of complying your requirements by combining the functions of containment, protection, perfect identification and visual impact of the brand. We develop specific packaging for this type of products for the home, evaluating the best solutions and adapting to the different needs of our customers.

In Mora Packaging we work with high quality materials, maximum resistance and we have the best offset printing technology.
In addition, we use FSC® certified cartons (On request), recycled and recyclable. With cutting-edge technology As the Cold Foil, we get metallic finishes to achieve a premium effect in your household products. Mora Packaging is your trusted supplier, where design, functionality, quality and sustainability come together to create the packaging that will make the difference between your brand and the rest of the products on the shelf.


Specific Packaging Solutions for Household Products


Details and characteristics of the home sector packaging:

  • Heavy duty to protect the product.
  • It allows its stacking to optimize its distribution and storage.
  • We find the balance point between resistance and cost of the container.
  • We take into account the palletization standards to optimize their transport and storage.
  • It must contribute to facilitating the transport and handling of the product by the end customer.
  • Attractive design, including all the necessary information: ingredients, assembly system, components, etc.
  • Ecological 100%. Sustainable packaging.

Looking for impeccable service? Our packaging company has 50 years of experience

We take care of the needs of our clients with integral and sustainable solutions dedicated to the packaging of household products.