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Corrugated cardboard

Corrugated cardboard is one of the most used solutions in packaging. Its main characteristic is based on the combination of one or more sheets of corrugated paper that provide resistance, with smooth cardboard sheets that serve to separate the different layers. There are wide variations of corrugated cardboard that allow us to achieve different degrees of strength and flexibility.

Packaging solutions with corrugated cardboard

Details and characteristics of corrugated cardboard in packaging:

  • Very resistant, flexible and economical.
  • Mainly made with recycled paper.
  • Ideal for transporting heavy goods
  • Perfect to protect, compartmentalize spaces or make any packaging.
  • Types of corrugated cardboard that we have: channel F (mini micro), channel E (micro), channel B (channel 3) and double BE.
  • Sustainability and efficiency.

CHANNEL F. Mini Micro

Ideal for cosmetics and premium POS material.
F-channel (mini micro) type corrugated cardboard is highly resistant, functional and light. Suitable for die-cutting and gluing.
The inner corrugated sheet that characterizes it reaches a thickness of 1 millimeter and is what provides rigidity, cushioning and protecting the product from blows. Among its wide applications we highlight: cosmetic products, exhibitors, displays, POS material, bottle covers, etc.


E (micro) channel type corrugated cardboard provides the ideal structure to develop maximum quality cases for delicate products.
The inner corrugated sheet that gives it rigidity is 1.5 millimeters. This quality is what protects and cushions the product from shocks. Its composition also makes it a unique and extraordinary support for offset printing. It combines lightness and strength with superior quality color finishes. Perfect for the wine sector.

CHANNEL B Channel 3

Perfect for products that require protection.
Channel B type corrugated cardboard (channel 3) is light, resistant and highly functional.

The inner corrugated sheet that gives it rigidity is 3 millimeters and provides protection and cushioning against shocks. In its wide variety of applications, the following stand out: beverages, automotive, etc.


The best for B2B packaging.
The double BE type corrugated cardboard is widely used for packaging, boxes or containers that require larger dimensions and resistance. It also stands out for being suitable for stacking and protecting all types of products as it is thicker. Among its applications we highlight: dividing panels, product displays and large format POS, automotive, etc.

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