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Compact cardboard

Compact cardboard is a type of material that is the protagonist in our quality packaging solutions. It is made from high-quality fiberboard that provides strength and stability. Thanks to its most outstanding qualities – it is strong, durable and flexible – and to our expert printing, folding and die-cutting techniques, we can offer very specific or significantly complex packaging designs.

Packaging solutions with compact cardboard

Details and characteristics of compact cardboard in packaging:

  • Resource savings.
  • Maintains its resistance in humid conditions.
  • Types of compact cardboard that we have: recycled, folding, cardboard, kraft, extruded/interior lamination and compostable.
  • FSC® certificates
  • It is sustainable, ecological and 100% environmentally friendly.

Recycled carton

Ideal for high turnover products.
Recycled cardboard is the ideal and most recommended for high turnover products as well as for the manufacture of secondary packaging. Made from recycled and recyclable raw material, based on the desired caliber needs. Its most outstanding properties are: high density, hardness and resistance. Especially environmentally friendly: use fewer materials, reduce waste and energy use.


Widely used in products that require design and/or cold, such as frozen ones.
It is characterized by being very flexible, thin and offering a wide variety of folding techniques. Its smooth texture makes it perfect for displaying cosmetic products, medicines, etc. Folding carton is also in high demand for products that require cold or frozen products due to their performance.


Perfect for premium products.
The material called cardboard is the perfect ally for premium products. It is the most suitable material for light, flexible packaging in which detail is rewarded. Its main characteristics are: it provides a wide versatility, it allows high-definition printing, it offers the possibility of making special finishes, etc.


The favorite for the food and beverage industry.
Virgin fiber 100%. Can be in direct contact with food. Provides body and texture. It also stands out for its great resistance. It is 100% renewable, recyclable and biodegradable.


Our recommendation for delicate products.
Extruded cardboard is ideal for packaging liquids, very fragile items or special pharmaceutical and industrial products. At Mora Packaging we also use it to develop comprehensive packaging solutions that require flexible packaging and that adapt to all kinds of situations.


The most committed to the environment.
Compostable cardboard stands out for its great property: in addition to being biodegradable, it has the ability to become fertilizer or compost. For this reason, it is perfect for packaging solutions for businesses that require an important ecological and sustainable component in their brand philosophy. Ideal for the food sector and for zero waste proposals that provide a great difference and coherence both in branding and in the packaging of its products.

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